Veteran Spotlight

Shean Strong

E-7 (Chief), U.S. Navy
Operations Specialist-Air Controller

Quality Engineering Specialist at GSMS

What motivated you to join the military?

I wanted to see the world

Where did you serve the majority of your time after training?

I spent approximately three years each in Italy, Japan, Rhode Island, Virginia, South Carolina and Hawaii.

Did you receive any medals or citations?  Which are you most honored to have received?

  • Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal
  • (4) Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals
  • 17 other combat/campaign ribbons and medals.

I am most proud of the Navy and Marine Corp. Commendation Medal for developing the coordinates for the “No Fly Zone” in the Adriatic Sea.

Tell me a fun/interesting experience you had that could only happen in the military.

I was able to fly from Japan to NY for $20.00 round trip for a week of vacation.

How has your military experience affected your life today?

I can remain calm under pressure and find innovative ways of solving problems quickly.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your military experience?

I had a great experience learning about other national cultures, religions and lifestyles.