Prescription Ready describes our proprietary labeling and packaging, which improves efficiency for pharmacy staff and is designed to reduce errors when dispensing.

Our unique pharmacist and patient-friendly label provides pertinent information in a simple format to minimize dispensing errors. Our labels include the following information (when applicable): Product Name (Tall-Man Lettering if applicable), Strength / Potency, Dosage Form (tablets, capsules, spray, powder, etc.), Count / Quantity, National Drug Code (NDC), Expiration Date, Lot Number, Manufacturer Information, Packager Information, 2D Data Matrix Barcode, Product Information and Warnings, Revision Date, Code 128 Barcode, Storage Temperatures, Controlled Substance Symbol (if applicable).

GSMS takes safety seriously, so all our product packaging is FDA compliant and includes*: 

  • Bottle
  • Cap
  • Safety
  • Label
  • Desiccants
  • Package Insert / Outset
  • Patient Medication Guide

*All products will not necessarily contain all of these items. Packaging of products is customized based on specific requirements.


The GSMS, Incorporated Color Map is used for identifying the Strength / Potency on the GSMS Safety Label.


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