GSMS Visits Turning Point Foundation

Ventura, CA – In August, GSMS, Incorporated donated to the Veterans’ Transitional Housing program at Turning Point Foundation.  A few of our employees, including our CEO Benjamin Hall, took a tour to the housing site to see firsthand how our contribution was being used to support our local veterans.

Turning Point is based in Ventura County and provides support to people who struggle with mental illness.  The program provides assistance in many forms, including symptom management and wellness plans, peer support, and temporary and permanent housing.  The Veteran’s Housing program is designed specifically to target the needs of homeless veterans.

While at the housing site, we were able to meet with a few of the people who make Turning Point happen. One, was the Program Manager, Becky Spring, and the other was, Jason Meek who is the Executive Director of Turning Point.  They gave us a tour of the facility, showing off the new 6-burner stove in the kitchen and explaining that they will soon be hiring a chef to provide home-cooked meals for the residents.  They currently house about fifteen veterans and we were shown a separate area of the house which they hope to convert into living space for female veterans.

All in all, Turning Point is providing much-needed assistance to Ventura County’s homeless veteran population and GSMS is happy to support them as they grow and expand their program.