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OUR COMMITMENT is to ensure the integrity of not only our products, but also the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.  We have the capabilities to meet the safety, packaging, labeling, pedigree, and distribution needs of our customers and the patients they serve.  Our commitment to excellence and integrity has brought us to the forefront of electronic pedigree systems to safeguard against counterfeit drugs.


Office: (805) 477-9866  |  Toll Free: (800) 284-8633  |  Fax: (805) 477-9869

E-mail:   |  Address: 5187 Camino Ruiz, Camarillo, CA 93012 USA

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GSMS Incorporated Logo
GSMS Incorporated Logo

Office: (805) 477-9866
Toll Free: (800) 284-8633
Fax: (805) 477-9869

Address: 5187 Camino Ruiz
Camarillo, CA 93012

GSMS Incorporated Logo
GSMS Incorporated Logo